Ted Biography of Ted McGinley
Character: Jefferson D'Arcy

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Last update January 18, 2015

General Infos

Date of Birth: May 30, 1958, Newport Beach CA

He Has a son with his wife Gigi Rice

Home: Los Angeles CA
Presumed Contact Address: 1925 Century Park East, #2320, Los Angeles CA 90067 or 662 North Van Ness Avenue, #305, Los Angeles CA 90004

Ted is appearing in about one TV series episode per year. Check out his website at Deutsche Titel der folgenden Liste (German titles of the following list).

Motion Pictures

Young Doctors in Love (1982)[Dr. Bucky DeVol]
Revenge of the Nerds (1984)[Stan Gable]
Troop Beverly Hills (1989)[himself]
Physical Evidence (1989)[Kyle]
Blue Tornado (1991)[Philip]
Revenge of the Nerds III: The Next Generation (1992)  [Stan Gable]
Wayne's World 2 (1993)[Mr. Scream]
Revenge of the Nerds IV: Nerds in Love (1994)[Stan Gable]
Major League 3: Back to the Minors (1998)[Leonard Huff]
Follow your Heart (1998)[unknown]
Dick (1999)[Roderick]
The Big Tease (1999)[Stig Ludwigssen's Business Manager]
Face the Music (2000)[Marcus]
Daybreak (aka Rapid Transit) (2000)[unknown]
Cahoots (2000)[Brad]
Pearl Harbor (2001)[Air Corps Major] with Ben Affleck, Kate Beckinsale
Frozen Impact (2002)[Dan Blanchard]


Valentine (1979)unknown
Making of a Male Model (1983)[Gary Angelo] with Joan Collins
Herndon and Me (1983)unknown
Auntie Sue (1989)unknown
Baby Talk (1991)unknown
Linda (1993) aka Lust for Murder[Jeff]
Wild Justice (1994)[Aubrey Billings]
Tails You Live, Heads You're Dead (1995)   [Jeffery Quint]
Deadly Web (1996)unknown
Every Mother's Worst Fear (1998)unknown
Covert Assassinunknown
Hard Time: Hostage Hotel (1999)[Agent Hopkins]
N.T.S.B. (2001)[Reese Faulkner]
Frozen Impact (2003)[Dan Blanchard]

TV Shows Battle of the Network Stars XVIII (1985)
Dick Clark's New Years Rockin' Eve '86 (1985-1986)
The Howie Mandel Show (August 20, 1998)
Jimmy Kimmel Live! (October 2, 2003)
The Wayne Brady Show (January 23, 2004)
SoapTalk (February 18, 2004)
The Tony Danza Show (September 20, 2004)
The Tony Danza Show (February 18, 2005)
The Tony Danza Show (October 12, 2005)
Jimmy Kimmel Live! (September 24, 2008)
Dancing with the Stars (Season 7 / Autumn 2008), eliminated 2nd
The Morning Show with Mike & Juliet (February 6, 2009)

Ted has also hosted Live with Regis & Kelly as a co host:
January 25, 2005
December 7, 2007
January 30, 2009, with Mary-Louise Parker

Television Series

Happy Days (1980-84)Regular Series Cast [Roger Phillips]
The Love Boat (1984-86)Regular Series Cast [Ace (Ashley Covington Evans, the ship's photographer and purser)]
Hotel: Lost and Found (1985)Guest Appearance [Wade Stafford]
Dynasty (1986-87)Regular Series Cast [Clay Fallmont]
Hotel: Triangles (1986)Guest Appearance
Hotel: Revelations (1987)Guest Appearance [Kyle]
Perfect Stangers: My Brother, Myself (1988)Guest Appearance [Billy]
Married... With Children: It's a Bundyful Life II (1989)Guest Appearance [Norman Jablonsky]
B.L. Stryker: Auntie Sue (1989)Guest Appearance [Mitch Slade]
B.L. Stryker: Die Laughing (1989)Guest Appearance [Mitch Slade]
Married... with Children (1991-97)Regular Series Cast [Jefferson D'Arcy]
Baby Talk: Baby Love (1991)Guest Appearance [Craig Palmer]
Dream On: Long Distance Runaround (1995)Guest Appearance
The John Laroquette Show: Time Out (1995)Recurring Character [Karl Reese]
The John Laroquette Show: Night Moves (1995)Recurring Character [Karl Reese]
The John Laroquette Show: The House Warming (1996)  Recurring Character [Karl Reese]
The John Laroquette Show: Running for Carly (1996)Recurring Character [Karl Reese]
Sports Night (1998)Recurring Character [Gordon]
Work with Me (1999)Guest Appearance [Murray Epstein]
The West Wing: In this White House (2000)Guest Appearance [Mark Gottfried]
The West Wing: Bartlet's Third State of the Union (2001)Guest Appearance [Mark Gottfried]
The West Wing: The War at Home (2001)Guest Appearance [Mark Gottfried]
The Practice: Awakenings (2001)Guest Appearance [Michael Hale]
Justice League: Legends (Part 1 & 2) (2002)Guest Appearance [Tom Turbine]
Hope & Faith (2003)Regular Series Cast [Charley Shanowski]
The Proud Family: Smackmania 6 (2003)Guest Appearance [Lance]
Family Guy: Road to Rupert (2007)Guest Voice [Actor]
Til Death: Webby's Not Happy (2007)Guest Appearance [Webby]
Family Guy: McStroke (2008)Guest Voice [Actor]
Psych: Six Feet Under the Sea (2009)Guest Appearance [Randy Labayda]
Melissa & Joey: In Lennox We Trust (2010)Guest Appearance [Mayor Frank Htchcock]


6 Rms Riv Vu at Tiffany's Attic/Kansas Theatre
I'm Not Rappaport at Burt Reynolds' Dinner Theatre

Thanks to Carolyn Crapo, Dino Morello and Jon Orr.

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