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Character Lines
Bundy Principles - about their lives
Bundyisms - with songs and poems
Kellyisms - The prostitution rests
X-Rated - lines and performances
The French - on the Bundys' tongue
First and Last Lines - of the principal cast

Scripts & Transcripts
The Bald and the Beautiful (0307) - Complete final draft script
The Bald and the Beautiful (0307) - Comparison of the script and the transcript
I'll See You in Court (0308) - The Lost Show, complete illustrated transcript

Fan Fiction
Older and Wiser - by StuartM
The Sound of Muzak - by Nitzan Gilkis

First Script Page of "Reverend Al" (1004) - with some autographs of the cast


Scripts & Transcripts
Marriedaniac's Macrocosm of Married... with Children - Over 50 transcripts

Fan Fiction
Liron Sobol's TUTS

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