Marcy, Steven and Jefferson

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Important Basic Facts

 Marcy Marcy, played by Amanda Bearse (pronounced as "burce"), is the partner dominating neighbour of the Bundys. She is a feminist and Al often teases her because of her flat chest. He also calls her a "chicken". In the later seasons, many people consider her to be a young man due to her short hair. Have a look at Marcy's metamorphosis and judge for yourself. Marcy is also politically correct, fighting sometimes for fat, pregnant or ugly women. On the other side, she can have sadistic feelings towards people who did harm to her. Marcy worked until episode 204 in "The Leading Bank of Chicago". Then she went to the "Kyoto National Bank". Marcy's first husband was Steven Bartholomew Rhoades, played by David Garrison. Steve is always between Marcy's good influence and Al's bad influence. In episode 204 he got Marcy's banker job, but after having lost this job he leaves her in the middle of season four. In season five, Marcy marries Jefferson Milhouse D'Arcy, played by Ted McGinley. He's a gigolo, sitting at home all day. Only sometimes he makes some money with weird jobs, at the stock market or in other obscure ways. Jefferson was a CIA agent and a prison inmate before he met Marcy. Steve and Marcy's divorce is never mentioned, but Steve returns four times after Marcy's re-marriage. Somehow Marcy still seems to love Steve later in the series (710). As opposed to the Bundys, the Rhoades and the D'Arcys, respectively, always have money to drive fancy German cars and they also have a wild sex life.

Useless Additional Facts

The Rhoades and D'Arcys live in Jeopardy Lane 9766 (mentioned in episode 1106, but "2524" in 1101 and "9674" in the opening credits from 402 to 415). The house is owned by Marcy (316). Al calls Marcy a "chicken" for the first time in episode 113 [Marcy (looking round): Al, do you see a fish eye anywhere round here?; Al (looking at her wearing just a towel): No, but I see a chicken leg.]. She acts like a chicken eg in 404, 714 and 905. Some campaigns she supported: "Cleaner Greener Chicago" (825) and "Guns for Toys" (1008). In her youth, she had several dogs, e.g. Winkums (614) and Chester (423). Her mother's three husbands committed suicide (101). Her sister is a physicist (419). Marcy has contact lenses (520). The Kyoto National Bank is the greatest bank of Japan (1020). From ep. 408 to 501 Marcy has to work at the drive-in window. She calls herself a Republican in ep. 704 and 925, but in 104, the Rhoades name their dog after the Democrat Bella Abzug. Marcy might have grown up in South Dakota since she once told about a school bus trip to Mt. Rushmore. She first saw Steve when he was running a marathon (0206/0207). Marcy doesn't appear in ep. 218, 409, 501, 515, 525, 607, 609, 618, 708, 1026, 1105 (voice over only), 1107, 1110, 1115 and 1121. Amanda Bearse directed about 30 episodes of Married... with Children beginning with ep. 607.

 Steven Rhoades Steve's middle name is mentioned in ep. 112 (Al) and 926 (Marcy). His last name's spelling can be seen in episode 408 and 410. Steve worked in "The Leading Bank of Chicago", but he was kicked out in ep. 408. At school he used to play accordion (313) and sousaphone (402, 414). His mother lives in Cincinnati (412). He calls his penis "Mr. Mike" (201, 210). David Garrison left the show to further his broadway career. He was not fired. The last show that premiered in the U.S. with Steve Rhoades as a regular character was "Rock and Roll Girl" (414). In the production code order, "A Taxing Problem" (415) is his last show, which makes more sense as he has a dream about leaving in that episode. In "You Gotta Know When To Fold 'Em" (416), his disappearance is explained: he left Marcy to become a ranger at Yosemite (416; pronunciation: Yo'sameetee) National Park. Steve and Marcy's divorce must have happened before Marcy's marriage with Jefferson between episode 511 and 512. Steve's father committed suicide (415). Steve has returned 4 times, in "The Egg and I" (617), "Peggy and the Pirates" (718 as "Rubio the Cruel"), "Get the Dodge out of Hell" (917), and "Radio Free Trumaine" (926). In 917 he was the driver of the Dean of Bud's College. In 926 he was the Dean himself; apparently he had been able to blackmail his former boss to get that position. The character doesn't appear in episode 218, 409 and 413.

 Jefferson D'Arcy Jefferson's middle name is mentioned in episode 908, his last name's spelling in 805, 816 and some opening credits. Marcy married Jefferson in (or before) episode 512. Before that, he was in prison (512, 804) for fraud (512). He was a CIA (1109) agent, code name Bullwinkle (820, 914). He was fired as he couldn't kill Fidel Castro (1109) and he knows Fidel personally (1109). Jeff is also a National Guard lieutenant (1114). At High School, he played the triangle in the band, and he was also a cheerleader (821). The character doesn't appear in ep. 515, 519, 525, 610, 611 and 1115. "Jefferson" is recognized or revealing himself as an actor from "The Love Boat" and "Happy Days" in episodes 622 and 708 as Ted McGinley was on these shows. On "Happy Days" he played a teacher and coach at Jefferson High School which could explain his part's name on Married... with Children. But he could also be named after the TV show "The Jeffersons" on which series creators Ron Leavitt and Michael G. Moye were writing partners. Jefferson's dad was a gigolo, too. He died in a tanning booth (723). His mom was an exotic dancer. She was eaten in the nude by her snake at the airport (723).

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