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For seven Married... with Children seasons, Al and his friends suffered from their wives' and other women's oppression as opposed to their idea of a perfect world. In early episode 0106, Al expresses his anachronistic vision like that: "It used to be so great to be a man. Women were there to please us. They'd look after the kids and we go out and have a good time. That's the natural order of things."

But when some feminists took away these men's bowling night in episode 0809 (NO MA'AM), Al and his friends founded NO MA'AM, the "National Organization of Men Against Amazonian Masterhood". Its purpose is to fight the increasing power of women all over society (and to bowl and drink beer of course). They do things like founding a baseball league (0911), fighting for a TV series (0913/914) or founding a church (1004). Hardcore members of NO MA'AM are Al, Jefferson, Bob Rooney, Griff, Ike and Officer Dan. There were also other members in most of the episodes with NO MA'AM, though. Bud tried to join the club in 1007, but he didn't succeed. NO MA'AM's official beer is "Girlie Girl" (0921, 1004).

 NO MA'AM The following episodes are shows about NO MA'AM:
0809 - NO MA'AM - The fight against a talk show
0821 - Legend of Ironhead Haynes - The fight for commandments
0905 - Business Sucks (Part 1) - The fight against feminists
0905 - Business Still Sucks (Part 2)
0911 - A Man for No Seasons - The fight for baseball
0913 - I Want My Psycho Dad (Part 1) - The fight for Psycho Dad
0914 - I Want My Psycho Dad: Second Blood (Part 2)
0921 - And Bingo Was Her Game-O - The fight for a new official beer
1004 - Reverend Al - The fight for a church
1005 - How Bleen Was My Kelly - Testing a new hair restorer
1007 - Flight of the Bumblebee - Watching Wrestlepalooza
1026 - The Joke's on Al - No fight for Griff after a practical joke on him
1101 - The Stepford Peg - NO MA'AM enjoys Peggy's amnesia
1112 - Live Nude Peg - NO MA'AM once more at the nudie bar

Hardcore Members

Al is described on a special page about Al Bundy.

Jefferson, NO MA'AM's minute taker (821, 911, 1004), is described on the page about the Bundys' neighbours.

Griff (picture) is Al's sidekick at the shoe store from episode 904 on. He became a NO MA'AM member in 911. He's divorced (mentioned in ep. 904, 905, 911, 1007) and wife got his last name, so he's just called Griff (1114). The only time he mentions something like a last name was in episode 1025, when he called a sports call-in show [Griff: Hello, this is Griff. Announcer: And what's your last name, brother? Griff: Er... X. Griff X. Announcer: You're a Muslim, as in Malcolm X? Griff: No, as in "screwed over by the ex".]. Griff is a lefthander (indicated in 924), a Pam Grier fan (1012) and drives a Geo Metro (905, 1012). He is played by Harold Sylvester.

Bob Rooney (picture) is NO MA'AM's treasurer (1004). He's a butcher (mentioned in ep. 923) and shows up for the first time in episode 809. He's married to Louise (912). Just like Al he attended Polk High and played with him in the same football team (910). Bob Rooney's name is spelt the wrong way in 924. The actor who plays him is E.E. Bell who has an own website. E.E. Bell described his part's name like this: "The characters name was Bob Rooney. The theory [of MwC producer Kim Weiskopf] was that in every neighborhood in the midwest of the U.S. there is one guy all the people in the neighborhood refer to with both his names." In addition, he explained the spelling on his shirt in 924 like that: "On the bowling episode my shirt did say "Bobrooney". The idea there was when we ordered the shirts, whoever was talking to the shirt maker said, 'Al, Griff, Ike, Bob Rooney.' and he heard it as Bobrooney."

Ike is NO MA'AM's Seargeant at Arms (911, 913) He is an Elvis fan (1007) and married to Frannie (912, 1004). Has joined NO MA'AM in episode 911 and his sex life is even weirder than the one of the D'Arcys (bisexuality in 912, wearing no underpants in 1004, masturbating in public in 1021 etc.). The character was named after executive producer Kim Weiskopf's best friends's son. Ike is played by Tom McCleister.

Officer Dan shows up for the first time in episode 809, too. He is played by Dan Tullis Jr., who had several appearances as an officer of different law enforcement agencies before, starting with episode 408. E.g. in episode 617, Tullis plays FBI Agent Mahoney, but that's a different character. Officer Dan's last name is not Mahoney. He works for the Chicago City Police and visits the Bundys several times on duty, so the Bundy house is supposed to be located in the City of Chicago (not in a suburb community). Officer Dan joins NO MA'AM in episode 913 to fight for the TV show Psycho Dad.


On the roof of the Bundy house in episode 1015 (The Hood, the Bud and the Kelly):
the six principal members from left to right: Griff, Al, Officer Dan, Jefferson, Ike and Bob Rooney

The Nudie Bar

Al and the other NO MA'AMers like to go to the so-called nudie bar. This bar was first mentioned like that in 521. We could see it for the first time in 616 with a sign on the wall saying "Girls Girls Girls". Bud mentions a bar with this name in 211, and Al seems to know it. In 401, Al calls this bar "nudie place", and in 811 there is a nudie bar named "Hooters". Finally, it was called "Jiggly Room" for the first time in 912. I think it's always the same bar since people are referring to it as "the nudie bar" since episode 521. There are some nudie bar centered episodes:

Rites of Passage (616) - Bud turns 18 and goes to the nudie bar with Al.
NO MA'AM (809) - The nudie bar turns into a coffee house.
The Naked and the Dead, but Mostly the Naked (912) - Wives at the nudie bar.
The Agony and the Extra C (1019) - Jefferson gets a tattoo in the nudie bar.
Live Nude Peg (1112) - Peggy in disguise dances at the nudie bar.

 Jiggly Room Some nudie bar sayings:

From Rites of Passage (616):
Where the music stinks, and they water the drinks, the nudie bar.
Where the girlies dance in their underpants, the nudie bar.
Where you see their butt, and their trap stays shut, at the nudie bar.
Where you can't touch a breast, but you can cave in a chest, at the nudie bar.
Where you look at a thigh, and blacken an eye, at the nudie bar.
Where the beer gives you gas, but the Bundys kick ass, at the nudie bar.

From NO MA'AM (809):
Where a buck's enough to see their stuff, at the nudie bar.
Where the breasts may be fake but man do they shake, at the nudie bar.
Where you swear like a sailor, and wish you could nail her, at the nudie bar.
Where the cops are at the door, and there's a Kennedy on the floor, at the nudie bar.

From I Can't Believe It's Butter (1012)
Where Christmas is nice, and lap dances are half price, at the nudie bar.
Where you drink down the shooters, and unwrap the hooters, at the nudie bar.
Where eggnogs are plenty, and the girls all twenty, at the nudie bar.


F.A.N.G. is short for "Feminists Against Neanderthal Guys" and is NO MA'AM's opposing organization (ep. 814), led by Marcy.

Yes Ma'am is not an organization, but Jefferson changed his NO MA'AM shirt to a Yes Ma'am shirt in episode 809 and 911 when Marcy entered the room. It is mentioned in 1005 again.

Thanks to Sebastian Franke and Joe Siegler.

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