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Character: Griff

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Last update September 19, 2001

Deutsche Titel der folgenden Liste (German titles of the following list).

Motion Pictures

Night of the Strangler (1972)unknown
Alex and the Gypsy (1976) (aka Love and Other Crimes)  [First Goon]
A Hero Ain't Nothin' But a Sandwich (1978) [Doctor]
Fast Break (1979)[D.C.]
Inside Moves (1980)[Alvin Martin]
An Officer and a Gentleman (1982)[Perryman] with Richard Gere
Uncommon Valor (1983)[Johnson] with Gene Hackman (about Vietnam, not about a fire in Salt Lake City)
Vision Quest (1985) (aka Crazy For You)[Tanneran]
Space Rage (1985) (aka Breakout on Prison Planet)[Max Bryson]
Innerspace (1987)[Pete Blanchard]
Hit List (1988)[Brian Armstrong]
Corrina, Corrina (1994)[Frank] with Woopie Goldberg
The Sixth Man (1997)[James Tyler]
Trippin' (1999)[Willie Reed]


Sounder, Part 2 (1976)unknown
Sister Margaret and the Saturday Night Ladies (1987)unknown
Double Your Pleasure (1989)unknown
In the Line of Duty: A Cop for the Killing (1990)[Art Regan]
Line of Fire: The Morris Dees Story (1991) (aka Blind Hate)  [Gilbert]
Love and Curses... and All That Jazz (1991)[Lt. Paul Moret]
In the Deep Woods (1992)[George Dunaway]
Someone She Knows (1994)[Lt. Emery ]

Television Series

The Hardy Boys / Nancy Drew Mysteries: The Mystery of the African Safary (1977)  [Ngotu]
Walking Tall (1981)[Deputy Aaron Fairfax]
Today's F.B.I. (1981)[Dwayne Thompson]
Hill Street Blues (1985)Recurring Character [Officer Rudy Davis]
Mary (1985)[Harry Dresden]
If Tomorrow Comes (1986)[Al]
Scarecrow and Mrs. King: Suitable for Framing (1987)[McCaslin]
Murder, She Wrote: Death Takes a Dive (1987)[Blaster Boyle]
The Tracey Ullman Show: segment: Ginny Redux (1988)[David Black]
A Different World: I'm Dreaming of a Wayne Christmas (1990)[Woodson Wayne]
A Different World: Do You Take This Woman? (1990)[Woodson Wayne]
Hunter: Blind Ambition (1990)[Leon Cooley]
A Different World: Do You Take This Woman? (1990-93)Regular Cast [Woodson Wayne]
Live Goes On: Loaded Question (1991)[Detective Freeman]
Roc: No Notes Is Good Notes (1992)[Reverend Hill]
Shaky Ground (1992)[Russell]
A Different World: When One Door Closes..., Part 2 (1993)[Woodson Wayne]
NYPD Blue: Tempest In A C-Cup (1993)[Detective Mike Conklin]
NYPD Blue: Guns 'n Rosaries (1994)[Detective Mike Conklin]
Married... with Children (1994-97)Recurring Character [Griff]
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch: As Westbridge Turns (1997)  [Cop]
The Good News: The Dinner Party (1997)[unknown]
Moesha: Break it Down (1997)[Aaron]
The Army Show (1998)Regular Cast [Colonel John McGuire]
City of Angels (2000)Recurring Character [Wendell]

Writing Work

Passing Glory (1999) TV Movie

Thanks to Harrison Inefuku.

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