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"E! True Hollywood Story" Special

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Last update September 27, 2002

Station: E!
Title: Married... with Children: The E! True Hollywood Story

US premiere date: August 26, 2001
US premiere time: 8 pm

Description: This two-hour special (pure documentary time 1:27) of the E! True Hollywood Story series is a documentary about the history of the show, told by cast and crew members, fans and foes. We see the very beginning when the show creators tried to develop the characters and to find a cast. We see the low-rated first season of the show on the brand new Fox Network with only a couple of affiliates. We hear stories about fights over some episodes' plot, featuring Terry Rakolta. Steve leaves, Jefferson arrives, a spin-off is produced and the show goes into US syndication. We hear about the fans, Amanda Bearse starts to direct, Katey Sagal and Peggy Bundy become pregnant, but Katey loses her child, so Peggy's child was explained as Al's nightmare. Seven becomes the third Bundy kid who disappears after a couple of episodes since the fans don't like him. Amanda Bearse has a real life gay coming out. NO MA'AM is introduced and the WB Network launches MwC clone Unhappily Ever After. Buck is replaced by Lucky. The decline of the show starts when the series creators leave and the time slot is changed. Christina Applegate keeps on working professionally while her mother is healed from breast cancer in 1996. Ed O'Neill takes control of the show's writing. Finally, everyone is disappointed about the sudden end of the show in 1997 and we see what the cast members have been doing after the cancellation. This special is very harmonious - no critizism about people or decisions included. Finally, it's a shame they used some dog to play narrator Buck. And they didn't even use one of his original voices even though Kevin Curran was interviewed on this special.


Thanks to Carolyn Crapo and "Marriedaniac".

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