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Last update September 6, 2009

Station: unaired
Title: Pilot original version

Taping date: December 12, 1986

Description: The original Pilot version taped on December 12, 1986, was different from the broadcasted Pilot (0101). The producers weren't happy with the original child actors Tina Caspary (as Kelly) and Hunter Carson (as Bud). Therefore they reconsidered the casting and finally chose Christina Applegate (as Kelly) and David Faustino (as Bud), so the scenes including the Bundy kids had to be reshot. Because of this, the producers took the opportunity to retape part of the shoe store scene as well. Also, actor Ritch Shydner (as Luke Ventura) and the Bundy kid actors were mentioned in the opening credits of the original Pilot, but they weren't part of the season one opening credits that finally made it to the TV screens. Here's a list of the scenes that had to be changed:

First scene (act one, scene one of three):
All direct shots of the kids only; no line changes were made.

Shoe store scene (act one, scene two of three):
Second half of the scene just after the fat customer left. That entire part was completely remade with a lot of line changes. The original version is close to its final draft script which is available at Marriedaniac's Macrocosm of Married with Children. Tawny (the blonde babe) is wearing a different sweater, and the scene's final punch line was also changed.

Leaving kids scene (act two, scene one of one):
Entire part from where Bud enters the room to Kelly saying "bye". Two small line changes: Al says Kelly's date was named after a snake (instead of a reptile), and when Kelly's date arrives she says "that's the love mobile now, bye Mom, bye Dad" (instead of listening to his horn, saying "that's his horn, isn't it great, I guess that's why I fell in love with him, bye Mom").

Al talking to Steve scene (act two, scene one of one):
After Al said his "if I wanted you to know, I'd be talking" line, he carries on: "But you can't actually say that, 'cause they'd kill you. And they're allowed, too. See, it's this little... period... uh, PMS thing. I don't know, I'm not a doctor, but I think that PMS stands for 'Pummel Men's Scrotums.' Does your wife... does your wife buy you juice, Steve?" This part was probably censored.

Also check out the detailed pilot differences script Marriedaniac's Macrocosm of Married with Children.

Broadcasted Version    Original Version

Broadcasted Version    Original Version

Thanks a lot toNitzan Gilkis from The MWC Capture Gallery and to "N_F".

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