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Season Eight (1993-94)

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0802 - HOOD IN THE BOYZ - Al tries to chase off a gang for a childhood love.
0803 - PROUD TO BE YOUR BUD - Bud meets his cool alter ego in the basement.
0804 - LUCK OF THE BUNDYS - Al seems to have no bad luck anymore.
0805 - BANKING ON MARCY - Marcy gets orgasms speaking in front of audiences.
0806 - NO CHICKEN, NO CHECK - Kelly & Bud buy a car together.
0807 - TAKE MY WIFE, PLEASE - Village People performance at Marcy's.
0808 - SCARED SINGLE - Al's sidekick Aaron wants to marry.
0809 - NO MA'AM - Al & some friends on a talk show. First NO MA'AM episode.
0810 - DANCING WITH WEEZIE - Al & Jefferson visit a sports bar opening.
0811 - CHANGE FOR A BUCK - Buck escapes from home and is locked into a pound.
0812 - JUST A LITTLE OFF THE TOP - Al gets circumsized.
0813 - THE WORST NOEL - Is there a Christmas party at the D'Arcy's?
0814 - HONEY, I BLEW UP MYSELF - Peggy on an ad poster.
0815 - SOFA SO GOOD - Kelly has to find a new couch.
0816 - HOW GREEN WAS MY APPLE - Struggle over an apple tree.
0817 - GET OUTTA DODGE - Al's Dodge has made nearly 1 million miles.
0818 - VALENTINE'S DAY MASSACRE - Al tries to get Valentine's Day presents.
0819 - FIELD OF SCREAMS - Al wants to save his football field from a car factory.
0820 - THE D'ARCY FILES - Jefferson seems to be a spy fighting Walter Traugott.
0821 - LEGEND OF IRONHEAD HAYNES - Al visits his role model Ironhead Haynes.
0822 - NOONER OR NOTHING - Peg tries to get Al home for a nooner.
0823 - KELLY KNOWS SOMETHING - Kel takes part in a sports quiz.
0824 - ASSAULT AND BATTERIES - Al gets trapped in a supermarket.
0825 - RIDE SCARE - Al car pools with some fat models.
0826 - AL GOES DEEP - Al and Jefferson bet on Kelly's boyfriend's team.

Regular cast:

Ed O'Neill: Al Bundy
Katey Sagal: Peggy Bundy
Amanda Bearse: Marcy Rhoades
Christina Applegate: Kelly Bundy
David Faustino: Bud Bundy
Ted McGinley: Jefferson D'Arcy
Buck the Dog: Buck

Production staff:

Creative Consultants: Richard Gurman, David Castro & Ralph Farquhar
Co-Producer: Larry Jacobson
Producers: Stacie Lipp & John Maxwell Anderson
Supervising Producer: Kim Weiskopf
Associate Producer: Michael Greenspon
Story Editor: Nancy Neufeld
Co-Executive Producer: Katherine Green
Executive Producer: Michael G. Moye
Dog Trainer: Steven Ritt
Primary Director #801-815: Tony Singletary
Primary Director #816-826: Gerry Cohen

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