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Season Seven (1992-93)

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0701 - MAGNIFICENT SEVEN - Zemus and Ida Mae leave Seven at the Bundys.
0702 - T-R-A... SOMETHING, SOMETHING SPELLS TRAMP - Kelly leaves a boy's car.
0703 - EVERY BUNDY HAS A BIRTHDAY - Celebration of Seven's birthday in a park.
0704 - AL ON THE ROCKS - Al becomes a topless bartender.
0705 - WHAT I DID FOR LOVE - Peg tries to stimulate Al with new lingerie.
0706 - FRAT CHANCE - Bud starts his own fraternity.
0707 - THE CHICAGO WINE PARTY - Al fights against a beer tax.
0708 - KELLY DOESN'T LIVE HERE ANYMORE - Kelly starts waitressing.
0709 - ROCK OF AGES - The Bundys meet famous rock stars in an airport lounge.
0710 - DEATH OF A SHOE SALESMAN - Al wants to be buried next to Fuzzy McGee.
0711 - THE OLD COLLEGE TRY - Bud gets a US$ 25'000 college scholarship.
0712 - CHRISTMAS - Al has to work as a mall Santa.
0713 - WEDDING SHOW - Bud sleeps with the bride of his cousin Jimmy.
0714 - IT DOESN'T GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS - Al, Peggy and Marcy in a hut.
0715 - HEELS ON WHEELS - Kelly buys a motorbike.
0716 - MR. EMPTY PANTS - Peggy makes the cartoon "Mr. Empty Pants".
0717 - YOU CAN'T MISS - Bud takes part in the game show "You Can't Miss".
0718 - PEGGY AND THE PIRATES - Adventures on a pirate ship.
0719 - GO FOR THE OLD - Al takes part in senior citizens athletic games.
0720 - UNALFUL ENTRY - Al is sued by a burglar as he touched his behind.
0721 - MOVIE SHOW - The Bundys go to the cinema.
0722 - TILL DEATH DO US PART - Al wants to prove that he's still good at sex.
0723 - TIS TIME TO SMELL THE ROSES - Al accepts early retirement.
0724 - THE OLD INSURANCE DODGE - Al's Dodge seems to be stolen.
0725 - THE WEDDING REPERCUSSIONS - Jimmy knows his bride cheated on him.
0726 - THE PROPOSITION - A sexy millionaire buys Al from Peggy.

Regular cast:

Ed O'Neill: Al Bundy
Katey Sagal: Peggy Bundy
Amanda Bearse: Marcy Rhoades
Christina Applegate: Kelly Bundy
David Faustino: Bud Bundy
Ted McGinley: Jefferson D'Arcy
Buck the Dog: Buck

Production staff:

Co-Producer: Stacie Lipp
Creative Consultants: Richard Gurman, Katherine Green & Michael G. Moye
Supervising Producer: Kevin Curran
Co-Executive Producers: Arthur Silver & Ellen L. Fogle
Executive Producer: Ron Leavitt
Producer: John Maxwell Anderson
Executive Story Editor: Larry Jacobson
Dog Trainer: Steven Ritt
Primary Director: Gerry Cohen

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