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"Shoeless Al" (0924)

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Last update April 25, 2005

Episode title: Shoeless Al
Episode production code: 0924

Episode # in production code order: 207
Episode # in true US premiere order: 207
Episode # in old US premiere order: 208

US premiere date: May 14, 1995
US premiere time: 9 pm

Written by Bootsie (J. Stanford Parker, James Stanford Parker)
Directed by Amanda Bearse

First camera shot: Peggy and Kelly are watching the Home Swapping Network.

Synopsis: An insurance agent is assigned to make sure Al is afraid to wear shoes to corroborate his law suit against the mall that claims he is afraid of shoes after being tied up by a burglar at work. However he must decide between the money from the settlement or winning the bowling championship when he is not allowed to bowl barefoot.

Recurring character cast:
Griff: Harold Sylvester
Bob Rooney: E.E. Bell

Guest cast:
Mary-Pat: Mary-Pat Green
Leslie Baum: Charlie Dell
Milt: Michael Rothhaar
Brenda: Susan Varon
Marv: Mike Finneran

General note: Puggy Weaver appeared in "Peggy Turns 300" (0420). Like in "All in the Family" (0222), Al wants to see "Hondo" on TV. Actor E.E. Bell explained the spelling on his shirt like that: "On the bowling episode my shirt did say "Bobrooney". The idea there was when we ordered the shirts, whoever was talking to the shirt maker said, 'Al, Griff, Ike, Bob Rooney.' and he heard it as Bobrooney."

Music: "We Are the Champions" and "We Will Rock You" by Queen; the songs were replaced by a sound-alike song for US syndication and foreign versions.

Influences: The episode title is influenced by the baseball player "Shoeless Joe Jackson". Oprah's topic "People who survived meeting on the Jenny Jones Show" refers to the incident where a gay man confessed his love to a straight man on Jenny Jones. The straight man later killed the gay guy.

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