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"The Undergraduate" (0922)

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Last update December 9, 2001

Episode title: The Undergraduate
Episode production code: 0922

Episode # in production code order: 205
Episode # in true US premiere order: 208
Episode # in old US premiere order: 209

US premiere date: May 21, 1995
US premiere time: 9 pm

Taping date: March 3, 1995

Written by Fran E. Kaufer
Directed by Amanda Bearse

First camera shot: Al holds up a big steak with a fork.

Synopsis: Kelly's 12 year-old secret admirer bribes her into escorting him to his junior prom.

Guest cast:
Robby: Noah Segan
Stitch: William Gallo
Mr. Bennett: Harry S. Murphy
Principal Alburton: Damien Leake
Tommy: Christopher Miranda
Refreshment Guy: Brad Parker
Megan: Lynsey Bartilson
Jenny: Jessica Smith
Julie: Krystin Moore
Delivery Man: Bert L. Cook
Donald: Matt Zusser

Music: Al sings the Jeffersons theme song.

Kellyisms: "felines" instead of "females". "Unconscious" instead of "Confucius". "It's better to have loved and lost than never to have seen 'Lost in Space' at all." instead of "It's better to have loved and lost than than never to have loved at all."
Kelly's boyfriends: Robby, Mr. Bennett, Stitch

Influences: The episode title is inspired by the movie "The Graduate" with Dustin Hoffman.

Goofs: Chistina Applegate chuckles after Bud takes a photo through the window door.

Kelly and Stich

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