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"Scared Single" (0808)

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Last update November 25, 2002

Episode title: Scared Single
Episode production code: 0808

Episode # in production code order: 165
Episode # in true US premiere order: 164
Episode # in old US premiere order: 165

US premiere date: November 7, 1993
US premiere time: 9 pm

Taping date: October 15, 1993
US premiere rating: 10.1

Written by Katherine Green
Directed by Sam W. Orender

First camera shot: Bud and Peggy are watching a commercial about "RU Dead 42" with Kelly.

Synopsis: Al hires a recent Polk High graduate, who sees him as a hero, and Al takes full advantage by giving the boy the full benefit of his wisdom. Also, while working as the Verminator, Kelly accidentally gets a face-full of bug spray - which causes her to start behaving very strangely.

Recurring character cast:
Aaron: Hill Harper

Guest cast:
Billy Ray: John Bloom
Angie: Rose Jackson (series creator Michael G. Moye's wife)
Heidi: Melissa Behr
Woman at Store: Tara Karsian
Guy: Joe Ochman
Marge: Mary Pat Green
Emaciated Man: Jeff Heston
Beautiful Girl: Borovnisa Blervaque
Meg: Tami Akbar

The Polk High Song:
Oh, Polk you're the best of all the schools,
Gor you will always share.
By day we learn to read and write,
By night our team will fight, fight, fight.
No matter where we are,
We'll always give a "ra"
For P-O-L-K, P-O-L-K, Polk, Polk, Polk.
Some Married Music in the Mall Lounge:
My wife will never cook or clean,
She still the money spends.
Who knew when I first chose my mate
That she would put on that much weight.
Or sex we like for sure,
If it only worked with her.
Please K-I-L-L, K-I-L-L me, me, me.

Influences and references: The episode title is inspired by the movies "Scared Straight" and "Scared Stiff". The insecticide "RU Dead 42" is a parody on the abortion pill "RU 486". Al's line about David Letterman is about the story that a long-term femal stalker - Margaret Ray - with legitimate psychiatric problems has a history of trying to break into his house, claiming to be his wife. Kelly's line "Alice, you're the greatest" is from "The Honeymooners," said by Ralph Kramden (Jackie Gleason) to his wife Alice in an affectionate way (as opposed to his "To the moon, Alice!" which was - well - not so affectionate). Kelly's line "Book'em Dano" is from the detective show "Hawaii Five-0". To book someone is to begin processing them after arresting them - fingerprints etc. - but this was said by Det. Steve McGarrett (Jack Lord) to Det. Danny Williams (James MacArthur) to mean "arrest him", him being that show's suspect.


Thanks a lot to Jeffery J. Leader and Tom Breton.

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