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"Al... with Kelly" (0501)

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Last update August 9, 1999

Episode title: Al... with Kelly
Episode production code: 0501

Episode # in production code order: 81
Episode # in true US premiere order: 81
Episode # in old US premiere order: 82

US premiere date: September 30, 1990
US premiere time: 9 pm

Taping date: August 31, 1990

Teleplay by Stacie Lipp, story by Gabrielle Topping
Directed by Gerry Cohen

First camera shot: Al and Kelly are sick, sitting on the couch.

Synopsis: Kelly and Al feign sickness so that they can avoid going to Peg's mother's place. Kelly ends up really getting sick, and Al has to take care of her. Al also gets to watch his favorite TV show, which is "Psycho Dad".

Guest cast:
Yvette: Pamela Anderson (star from "Baywatch" and Playboy centerfold for February, 1990)
Yvonne: Beckie Mullen
Pizza Boy: Jay Anthony Franke
Nurse: Teresa Frost

General note: Marcy does not appear in this episode. Al mentions for the first time that he scored four touchdowns in a single game.

"Psycho Dad" theme song:
Who's that riding into the sun.
Who's the man with the itchy gun.
Who's the man who kills for fun!
Psycho Dad. Psycho Dad. Psycho Dad!
He sleeps with a gun, but he loves his son.
Killed his wife 'cause she weighed a ton... Psycho Dad!

Kellyisms: "Montecristo's revenge" instead of "Montezuma's revenge". "Feed a cold, starve for pizza; starve a pizza, eat cold feet" instead of "starve a cold, freeze a fever".

References: The episode title is self-referential.

Yvette and Al

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