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"Nightmare on Al's Street" (0112)

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Last update November 30, 2003

Episode title: Nightmare on Al's Street
Episode production code: 0112

Episode # in production code order: 12
Episode # in true US premiere order: 11
Episode # in old US premiere order: 11

US premiere date: June 14, 1987
US premiere time: 8 pm

Taping date: May 15, 1987

Written by Michael G. Moye
Directed by Linda Day

First camera shot: Peggy is sitting on the couch calling for Al.

Synopsis: Steve is out of town, and Marcy becomes a nervous wreck when a romantic Al begins appearing nightly in her dreams.

No guest cast

General notes: Steves middle name is "Bartholomew". The Bundy house number "9764" is shown for the first time. Lake Chicamocomico will reappear in "Married... with Who" (0512) and "Weenie Tot Lovers and Other Strangers" (0517). On this episode we learn that Al once kept the Chicago Cubs out of the World Series with a fan interference call. A similar thing really happened during a National League Championship game on October 14, 2003, when Steven Bartman caught a foul ball a Cub player still could have reached.

Music: Steve sings "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy" by Rod Stewart.

Influences: The episode title is based on the movie series "Nightmare on Elm Street", featuring Freddy Kruger (played by Robert Englund who appears in 1120).

Relatives: Peggy is on the phone with Al's mother.

DVD: Information at Bundyology's DVD page.

Marcy and Al

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