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"God Help Ye, Merry Bundymen" (1113)

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Last update July 31, 2000

Episode title: God Help Ye, Merry Bundymen
Episode production code: 1113

Episode # in production code order: 248
Episode # in true US premiere order: 242
Episode # in old US premiere order: 243

US premiere date: December 22, 1996
US premiere time: 7:30 pm

Written by Steve Faber & Bob Fisher
Directed by Amanda Bearse

First camera shot: Many people are standing in front of the shoe store, we hear "Deck the Halls".

Synopsis: Al and Griff lose their jobs to their holiday assistants; Bud and Kelly steal Mary and Joseph from the D'Arcys' nativity scene.

Epilogue: Al bringing home a Christmas tree for the family.

Recurring character cast:
Griff: Harold Sylvester
Gary: Janet Carroll

Guest cast:
Hal: Jonathan Mangum
Biff: Kevin Lamont Smith
Mall Manager: Amy Lyndon
Kid #1: Steven Anthony Lawrence
Judge #1: Lynette Bennett
Judge #2: Mary Stein
Reindeer Dancer: Christian McLaughlin (a season 11 story editor)

General note: Gay story editor Christian McLaughlin makes a cameo appearance as a camp reindeer dancer. The flashing end credits are enclosed with a red/white picture frame effect and the phrase "Happy Holidays" is written in the lower left-hand corner, the background music is "Deck The Halls", followed by "Jingle Bells"

Music: "The Ride of the Valkyries" from the opera The Valkyries by Richard Wagner; Al & Griff sing "Jingle Bells". Also see "general note".

Influences: The episode title is inspiered by the Christmas carol "God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen".

Transcript: Available at Ade Bundy's Internet MWC DataBase.

Al and Griff

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