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"Torch Song Duet" (1025)

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Last update September 4, 2002

Episode title: Torch Song Duet
Episode production code: 1025

Episode # in production code order: 234
Episode # in true US premiere order: 233
Episode # in old US premiere order: 234

US premiere date: May 19, 1996
US premiere time: 9 pm

Written by Donelle Q. Buck
Directed by Gerry Cohen

First camera shot: Al points at at picture of Cassius Clay.

Synopsis: Al and Griff are listening to the sports quiz show on the radio - the winner gets an all-expense paid trip to the Olympics as well as running one of the Chicago legs of the torch-carrying relay. Al has been banned from the station, so he feeds the answers to Griff who ends up winning the contest. Al begs and pleads to at least run the torch until Griff finally gives in. Moments later, a beautiful woman tells Griff how hot she think he would be running the torch and Griff goes back on the deal. On the day of the relay the media camp is set up in the shoe store, questioning Al on what it is like to work with Griff. Al can't take it anymore and tackles Griff as he runs by with the torch. They end up wrestling in the fountain and the torch flame goes out for the first time in Olympic history. The Atlanta games are postponed as they have to take the torch back to Greece to start the relay over.

Recurring character cast:
Griff: Harold Sylvester
Miranda: Teresa Parente

Guest cast:
Flint Guccione: Richard Kline
Marla: Renee Tenison (Playboy centerfold for November, 1989, and Playboy Playmate of the Year 1990 (issue June 1990))
Carla: Rosie Tenison (Renee's twin sister)
Model #1: Petra Verkaik (Playboy centerfold for December, 1989)
Model #2: Victoria Fuller (Playboy centerfold for January, 1996)
Reporter #1: Burke Roberts
Reporter #2: Nikki Dunn
Alex: Alex Carl

Guest stars:
Larry Brown
Bo Jackson
Roy Jones, Jr.

Kellyisms: "Reincastrated" instead of "reincarnated". "Ping and pong" instead of "ying and yang".

General note: the end credits are over a scene with the three guest stars and Marcy.

Influences and references: The name "Flint Guccione" is a mix of the editors Larry Flynt (Hustler Magazine) and Robert Guccione (Penthouse Magazine). The episode title was inspired by the play "Torch Song Trilogy".

Transcript: Available at Married with Children... All Things Episodic.

Happy Al

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