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Last update May 31, 2009.

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What's Married... with Children?
Get the answer at the Summary page.

What's Bundyology?
A non-official fan site about Married... with Children, so please don't...
... congratulate me for having made such a great series or...
... swear at me for having cancelled the show.  ;-)

Why do you maintain a website about a TV series that ended over a decade ago?
First of all, reruns will probably be aired forever all over the world. Then the show is still alive: remakes are still being made in many countries. Finally, there are constantly new references on MwC in other shows.

Can I get Married... with Children episodes on DVDs or VHS tapes?
Yes. Check out the DVD & VHS page for details.

Why is there a different title song on the DVDs from season 3 on?
The producers of the DVD sets and the owners of the title song rights couldn't agree on the royalties amount for the DVDs following season 2. Therefore the producers decided to use a specially composed similar song. The negociations also caused a delay of the US season 3 DVD issue.

Will there be a reunion show? Will there ever be a new season?
Fox did a one-hour cast reunion special with interviews and clips in February of 2003, which is also featured on the season one DVD. There was also the idea of a TV movie reunion episode on Fox, but this project seems to be on hold for a while. The German 2007 Bundys Big Box DVD edition including all epiodes also features new interviews. The most recent short reunion of the Bundy family was in January 2009 on David Faustino's online sitcom Star-ving episode 4. Beyond that, it is very unlikely that there will ever be a new season with the original cast. In the meantime, some cast members managed to relaunch their acting careers, and I don't think they want to risk being stereotyped as MwC characters again after another bunch of new episodes. However, there were quite some non-US remakes. At least two of them - the Russian and the Chilean versions - were very successful in their countries.

On some episodes, Peggy and Marcy were pregnant and all of a sudden they weren't anymore. What happened?
Peggy and Marcy became pregnant in She's Having My Baby (Part 1) (0601). In Al Bundy, Shoe Dick (0611), their pregnancies turned out to be a nightmare of Al. The reason for this was that Katey Sagal - the actress playing Peggy - was pregnant in real life back then, but her six weeks early baby was stillborn. Therefore she also missed three episodes (0608, 0609 and 0610). Katey was willing to play on the baby plot, but the producers decided against it. Marcy's pregnancy simply followed Peggy's childbearing.

What about that blonde third Bundy kid?
That's Seven. There's no connection between him and Peggy's pregnancy mentioned above.

When and why did Marcy's first husband leave?
Steve Rhoades left Marcy in episode You Gotta Know When to Fold 'Em (Part 1) (0416) to become a ranger at Yosemite National Park after he had lost his job as a banker in 976-SHOE (0408). We don't know exactly when they got divorced, but it must have happened by Married... with Who? (0512) when Marcy married Jefferson D'Arcy. David Garrison - the actor playing Steve - actually left the show to pursue his Broadway career.

Can I get in touch with the cast? And what are they doing today?
I don't have any contact to cast or crew members. For up to date biographies and presumed addresses check out their pages at the Cast & Crew section. For breaking news about the cast you can also have a look at the Today page.

Where can I get NO MA'AM or Polk High shirts?
Try the Merchandise page.

What about the Lost Show?
I'll See You in Court (0308) was called the Lost Show since it wasn't broadcasted in the US for over 13 years. It had been shown outside the US many times until it finally premiered in the US on June 18, 2002, on FX. It is also featured on the season three DVD and the first Best of DVD.

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