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Character: Bud Bundy

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Last update May 13, 2010.

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General Infos

Full Name: David Anthony Faustino
Date of Birth: March 3, 1974, CA
Height: 5'3" = 160 cm
Wearer of glasses
Pronunciation of his last name: Fow-steenoh

Home: Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles CA
Presumed Contact Addresses: 1806 North Maple Street, Burbank CA 91505; 10100 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90067; 1348 Londonderry Place, Los Angeles CA 90069
Presumed Cars: BMW and GMC.

Younger brother Michael Faustino (appears in episodes 213, 321, 403, 917), born 1979. He also has an elder brother Randy who was born in 1965 and a sister Nicole born in 1969.
His ex-girlfriend Elaine Hendrix appeared in two episodes (923, 1122). He also dated Juliet Tablak in 1995. Married to Andrea Elmer from January 24, 2004, until early 2007. They separated in May, 2006.
Mother Kay Faustino.
Father Roger Faustino.

When he's not acting, Faustino's interests stretch to music and business. His rap name is "D" Lil'. He has been featured in a rap album entitled "Balistyx" and on a 1992 Black & White Records release called "I Told Ya." On the business side, he manages a hip-hop and funk night club on Sunset Boulevard since 1991 also named Balistyx. David co-wrote the story of the Married... with Children episode 1114 (T*R*A*S*H).
On May 12, 2007, David was arrested in Smyrna Beach, Florida, on "marijuana possession" and "disorderly intoxication" charges and transported to Volusia County jail. The intoxication charges was dropped.

Since January 2009 David Faustino starrs in an online sitcom called Star-ving. Co-star is Corin Nemec and Coolio has several cameos. The episodes are between 5:00 and 8:30 minutes long. There are some MwC references used on the show, but the plots, portrayals and language are quite obscene. Running gags include Dave trying to kill himself and Dave showing his bare butt. Episode 5 was even banned on Youtube because of the nazi storyline. Check Star-ving out at the Crackle website. Guest stars include Ed O'Neill (episodes 1 and 4), Gilbert Gottfried (episode 2), Christina Applegate (episode 4), Katey Sagal (episode 4) and Seth Green (episode 4).

David currently plays small parts in movies and has guest appearances in TV series. He is dating actress Christiana Leucas.

Deutsche Titel der folgenden Liste (German titles of the following list).

Motion Pictures

I Ought to Be in Pictures (1982)[Martin (Ann-Margret's son)]
The Star Chamber (1983)[Tony Hardin]
I Had Three Wives (1985)[Andrew Beaudine]
Men Lie (1994)[unknown]
Kiss and Tell (aka Lucid Days) (1998)  [unknown]
Lovers and Liars (1998)[unknown] with Michael York
12 Bucks (1998)[Cornfed]
Totally Irresponsible (1999)[Buzz Frawley]
Kiss & Tell (1999)[Stripe]
The Heist (1999)[Chuck]
Dirt Merchant (1999)[unknown]
Get Your Stuff (2000)[Ron]
MacArthur Park (2001)[Unknown]
Killer Bud (2001)[Buzz Frawley]


The Lily Tomlin Special[Baby of three months]
Act of Love (1980)[Joey]
The Ordeal of Bill Carney (1981)[unknown]
In the Custody of Strangers (1982)[David Caldwell]
Venice Medical (1983)[unknown]
Shooting Stars (1983)[unknown]
Summer Girl (1983)[Jason Shelburne]
Velvet (1984)[unknown]
Drug Knot (1986)[unknown]
Mr. Boogedy (1986)[Corwin]
Bride of Boogedy (1987)[Corwin]
Idols (1991)[unknown]
Perfect Harmony (1991)[unknown]
Words Up! (1992)[unknown]
USA Music Challenge (1992)[unknown]
Fatal Vows: T. Alexandra O'Hara Story (1994)  [Joey Pagan]
Diagnosis Murder (1994)[unknown]
Dead Man's Island (1996)[Haskell Prescott]
MAD TV Goes to the Movies (1996)[unknown]
Alien Nation: Millennium (1996)[Felix]

TV shows: Time Warner Earth Day Special (1990), Marsha Warfield (December, 1990), Teen Win, Lose, or Draw (1990), Whoopi Goldberg Show (1993), Late Night with Conan O'Brien (October 21/22, 1993), Late Night with Conan O'Brien (October 20/21, 1994), MTV Lovelines (1997), Celebrity Boot Camp (2002), Fox News clip about the reunion set (2003), My Life Is a Sitcom, Mad TV, and Nachtshow mit Thomas Koschwitz (June 13, 1995, in Germany). Dozens of commercials.

Television Series

Little House on the Prairie: The Silent Cry (1980)Guest Appearance [Josh] with Michael Landon
Family Ties: To Snatch A Keith (1983)Guest Appearance [Keith]
E/R: Save the Last Dance for Me (1984)[Randy Beal]
Scarecrow and Mrs. King: Utopia Now (1985)[unknown]
Scarecrow and Mrs. King: Sour Grapes (1985)[unknown]
The Gummi Bears (1987)[Cavin]
I Had Three Wives (1987)[Andrew Beaudine]
Married... with Children (1987-97)Regular Cast [Bud(rick) Franklin Bundy]
The New Twilight Zone: The Storyteller (1989)Guest Appearance [Micah Frost]
Parker Lewis Can't Lose: Musso & Frank (1990)Special Appearance [himself]
Top of the Heap: The Agony and the Agony (1991)Guest Appearance [Bud Bundy]
Blossom: Rockumentary (1991)Special Appearance [himself]
Burke's Law: Who Killed the Soap Star? (1994)[unknown]
Robin's Hoods (1995)[unknown]
Jesse: The Best Possible Deal (1999)[Dwayne, the car salesman]
Unhappily Ever After: Tiffany Burger (1999)Guest Appearance [Jimbo Bacilli]
The New Addams Family: Close Encounters of the Addams Kind (1999)Special Guest Star [Greg]
Family Law: Decisions (1999)Guest Appearance [unknown]
Nash Bridges: Hard Cell (2000)Guest Appearance [Simon]
Nash Bridges: Jump Start (2000)Guest Appearance [Denny]
Batman Beyond: The Last Resort (2000)Guest Voice [Sean Wallace]
The Zeta Project: His Maker's Name (2001)Guest Voice [Scruffy]
The Test: The Sex Etiquette Test (2001)Guest Appearance [himself]
The X-Files: Sunshine Days (2002)Guest Appearance [Michael Daley]
The Rerun Show (2002)Guest Appearance [Bud Bundy]
The Bernie Mac Show: Droobie or not Droobie (2004)Guest Appearance [Droobie]


Popcorn (2000, El Portal Center for the Arts, North Hollywood)


On 1997 New Year's Eve, the outside perimeter of Luxor's pyramid in Las Vegas was framed in light for the first time, followed by a fireworks spectacular. On the same night, David Faustino hosted a celebrity-studded party at Luxor's nightclub Ra.

Thanks a lot to "Mike", StuartM and "Marriedaniac".

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