Amanda Biography of Amanda Bearse
Character: Marcy Rhoades / Marcy D'Arcy

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Last update January 18, 2015

General Infos

Pronunciation of Her Last Name: burce.
Date and Place of Birth: August 9, 1958, Winter Park (Orlando), FL. She grew up in Georgia, though.

Home: Santa Monica CA
Presumed Contact Address: 15332 Antioch Street, #143, Sherman Oaks CA 91403 or 15332 Antioch Street, #143, Pacific Palisades CA 90272 or 4177 Klump Avenue, North Hollywood, CA 91602
Agency: Paradigm

She has an adopted daughter Zoe who was born in spring 1993. The adoption was right after Zoe's birth. Amanda married Carrie Schenken in 2010. At the time of the adoption of Zoe, Amanda had a different female partner (Amy). Amanda owns a coffeehouse in Young Harris, Georgia 30582. It's "The Cherokee Coffee & Trading Company" in 5149 College Street.

She was raised in Winter Park FL and Atlanta GA. She was introduced to acting through school and community theatre programs and eventually moved to New York to pursue a professional acting career. Amanda studied acting with Sanford Meisner in New York and directing at the American Film Institute and the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. Beginning with ep. 607, she directed 31 episodes of Married... with Children. After the cancellation of this show, directing is what she wants to do for a living. In 1993, Amanda said in public that she is gay on the cover of the October issue of The Advocate magazine. This issue is part of the story in the Married... With Children episode "Lez Be Friends" (1122), where she plays Marcy's gay cousin Mandy. Amanda was the only openly gay actor on prime time TV when she had her coming out.

Amanda directed various episodes of different comedy series since MwC ended. Maybe she will become the permanent director of a series some day. She rarely appears on TV shows these days.

Deutsche Titel der folgenden Liste (German titles of the following list).

Motion Pictures

Protocol (1984)[Soap Opera Actor] with Goldie Hawn
Fright Night (1985)[Amy Peterson]
Fraternity Vacation (1985)  [Nicole Ferret]
The Doom Generation (1995)[Barmaid]
Give or Take an Inch (2003)unknown


First Affair (1983)[Karen]
Goddess of Love (1988)[Cathy]
Here Come the Munsters (1995)  [Mrs. Pearl]
Out There unknown
Out There IIunknown

Other appearances:
Marsha Warfield (November, 1990)
Joan Rivers Show (1993)

Television Series

All My Children (1982-84)Regular Cast [Amanda Cousins]
Married... with Children (1987-97)  Regular Cast [Marcy Rhoades / Marcy D'Arcy]
Nikki: Technical Knockout (2001)[Marcy Rhoades]
Another WorldRecurring Character
HotelGuest Appearance

I didn't find her in an LA Law episode guide.


St. Joan
This Property Is Condemned


Married... with Children (TV Series): 31 episodes from 1991 to 97
Pauly (TV Series): Through the Ringers (1997)
Alright Already (TV Series): Again With the Gynecologist (1998)
Dharma & Greg (TV Series): The Paper Hat Anniversary (1998)
Veronica's Closet (TV Series): Veronica's Breast Effort (1998)
Reunited (TV Series): Nicki Tells Her Parents (Off) (1998)
Reunited (TV Series): Joanne Tells Her Parents (Off) (1998)
Jesse (TV Series): The Mischievous Elf (1999)
Jesse (TV Series): Cecil, the Angry Postman (1999)
Two Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place (TV Series): Two Guys, a Girl, and a Graduation (1999) (Katey Sagal's sister Liz is a story editor on this series)
Ladies Man (TV Series): Thanks for Nothing (1999)
Ladies Man (TV Series): Gene's Date (2000)
Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (TV Series): Tick-Tock Hilda's Clock (2001)
Many sketches on Mad TV (TV Series)

Thanks to Konstantin Volkmann, Harrison Inefuku, V. Paterno and "Marriedaniac".

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